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  • Mulhorand

    *Population:* 5,339,520 (humans 95%, half-orcs 2%, planetouched 2%) *Government:* Theocracy *Religions:* Mulhorandi pantheon, Gond, Mask, [[Mystra | Mystra]], …

  • Skuld

    (Metropolis, 204,538): The oldest continually inhabited city in Faerun, Skuld was founded over thirty-five hundred years ago. Its inhabitants boast (truthfully) …

  • Sonjar's Tower

    In the shadows of the Giant’s Belt Mountains, half buried under the purple sands of the Raurin Desert, lies an abandoned arcane tower dating back to the downfall of …

  • The Darkness

    An expansive area around the mountains of Mulhorand that is a site of concentrated negative energy. h3.

    In-Game Events *Dangers* * Filled undead. At the very least it has a ton of powerful vampires. * Supposedly the home …

  • Four Demons

    According to Beloghos, they inhabit The Darkness in Mulhorand, & have terrorized this area for some time. They are said to be: # (needs description) # (needs description) # Amish – An Illithid-lich # “Unknown” – Said to be a shapeshifter.

  • Four Daemons

    h1. [[:dante-lifebane | Dante Lifebane]] h2. [[:onish-nercoking | Onish NercoKing]] h3. [[:varsick-the-clawed-one | Varsick "the Clawed one"]] h4. [[:the-nameless-one | The Nameless One]]