Myrkul Rising

Myrkul Rising


In the last few decades of Myrkul‘s life the Lord of Bones sired several children through various magical rituals. Most of these “offspring” did not thrive, or where destroyed, or in one case simply fell apart, after Myrkul’s death. One known lineage of Myrkul survived, perhaps his only legacy. His surviving offspring a powerful outsider fell far from the undead tree. This powerful creature carelessly savaged many places in Toril and throughout the lower planes before vanishing from history. Fortunately for Old Lord Skull his reckless child fathered many creatures on the material plane. A decade after his disappearance on the same night of the year -—- several of his offspring gave birth to tiefling children. These children all bared the mark of Myrkul emblazoned upon their flesh. Few followers of Myrkul were aware of this event. The children became known in secret as “the family”.
These children, the last remnants of the Lord of Bones, have grown to adulthood and by some unknown force have managed to find one another. Twin brothers Ramus & Thoralf Myrkahl have already found two of their cousins, Dionecious and his twin sister Ann-arch Myrkoni. The four have collected literature and rumors, secrets and lies, and have decided to seek out the Order of the Undying Dragon. Shortly after the cousins started their journey they meet up with an elf who inexplicably claims to be a cleric of their great grand sire. Together these five travel to Delzimmer and the quest for Myrkul begins…..


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