Myrkul Rising

To Delzimmer (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1: Infiltrate the church

The begining

Set up a plan to infiltrate the Kelemvorite church, which Thoralf & Dio did, recovering 1 special Myrkulite medallion, 6 regular Myrkulite medallions, 1 priest journal, and a book of rites from the Kelemvor head priest’s room (Awar).
Dio had a run in with a Raksasha-type creature.
An invisible Fey attacked Awar and was soundly beaten.
Mal’Shur introduced the family to Ilmryn.

Mal’Shur assisted in clean-up from the Fey’s attack.
Ramas attracted the High Priest’s attention and was locked up.
Thoralf, Dio, & Celeste skimmed the journal and found:
Awar was an Elder Doom trying to bring Myrkul back.
The fate of the family’s outsider grandfather.
Thoralf and Mal’Shur went to Awar & revealed their intentions. He proved interested & told us to come back the following evening.The next night he sent us to the Hills of the Dead Kings to retrieve the scythe of Myrkul. He sent us with 15 knights, 1 cleric, and a ranger, telling them that their mission there was merely to destroy undead, leaving them ignorant of our actual mission. He told us:
The scythe was in a place that Myrkul lived when he was mortal.

Hills of the Dead Kings

PCS pressed into the cave & immediately met hard resistance from potent undead & were overmatched, saved only when a high, whispery voice told Mal’shur to ‘Flee, or your cause is lost’, and a secret door opened to let us escape.

Ilmryn, Thoralf & Mal’shur ended up going back in to rescue the cleric, & the voice led to a column-lined chamber where Ilmryn inexplicably fell unconscious for a few minutes.

Dio & Ramas showed up moments after Ilmryn woke up & we went into the last chamber where we were joined by Celest.

An uber-ghoul named Nlgerzeph came over the alter. It turns out he is the son of the ghoul demi-god Doresthane (Was loyal to Myrkul). He had several things to tell you:
He has a 99 year deal with the church of Myrkul to guard these catacombs, of which two years are left.
Only someone named Zempir was allowed in. All others were to be considered food or enemies
Awar keeps sending him Kelemvorish snacks.
Zempir was the head of Awar’s church in Delzimmer, & latter, supposedly, became an enthusiastic Cyric worshipper.
Awar brought him a weapon to guard 20 years ago. (The ghoul hinted that it was Bhaal’s sword.)
The whispery voice that you heard had been the voice of Myrkul.
From there things went downhill. Sharply. Since you weren’t Zempir, he thought that meant you were food & you wound up chained to pillar whilst he decided what to do with us. He looked over the Family’s birthmarks and pondered.

Myrkul Sites

At that point, Mok-Tar Cor arrived with two Kelemvorite fighters, said “Now”, and they attacked the ghoul. The ghoul slew the fighters effortlessly, though, in turn, Cor seemed to be in easy control of the ghoul, who asked Cor if the agreement was up or not. Oddly, Cor referred him to Mal’shur, and he told him that, for now, to continue as he was. (Cor must have done that since he was probably one of the last true Myrkulite clerics left.)

After that they did a partial search of the catacombs and came across a room that looked to be devoted to research. Mal’Shur Umrae-dinn claimed a sack of books, whereas Dio Myrconi took everything else not nailed down.

After they left and went back to camp.Mok-Tar Cor, Thoralf Myrkahl, Ann’Arch Celeste Myrconi, Ramas Myrkahl, Mal’Shur Umrae-dinn, Dio Myrconi & a quasi-traumatized ranger.

Thoralf Myrkahl & Mal’Shur Umrae-dinn spent some time with Cor, showing him Awar’s journal & asking him questions. Outside of finding out that he had the rank of “Undead Master” in the Myrkulite church; however, he seemed as baffled as we are about recent happenings.

Back in Delzimmer

Talked more with Cor, tried to get him to help you recover info from the ‘Room Without Doors’ at the Delzimmer Kelemvor church. He seemed quite recalcitrant about the idea, though. Understandably.

Cor hasn’t said anything specific, but I have the impression that when Myrkul comes back he’ll rejoin the fold.

Cor also pointed out that there is another Myrkul house in Sembia

Finally talked Cor into helping you get into the room without doors at the Delzimmer Kelemvor church. His one stipulation was that he got to plan. Thoralf despised the idea. There would be easier ways of betraying you were that his goal.

Went back to Delzimmer and rented a pair of rooms. The family drew the suspicion of the local law enforcement because they possessed Kelemvor-branded wagons. Luckily, they had [[:mal-shur-umrae-dinn | Mal’Shur Umrae-dinn]] to talk them down.

Mal’Shur Umrae-dinn continued to wait at the “Drowned Rat Inn” for Cor while the others wait a mile outside of town for him, since they’d drawn the law’s attention whilst fencing Kelemvorite items.

Cor came to the inn and you left to join the others outside the town, where he told them his plan.

He plans to lure Awar away from the church with a letter (forged by Thoralf) from the head of one of Delzimmer’s main families, then, whilst Awar is away, loading everything from the room without doors in your wagons then taking off.

Mal’Shur Umrae-dinn delivered the letter to the family & Celest took the letter to the Kelemvor church. The next day you went to the church and carried out Cor’s plan. In seemed to go off without a hitch.

On the final load on the way to the wagon Cor stops Mal’Shur Umrae-dinn and tells hm that he performed a ‘Speak With Dead’ spell on both Awar and Zempir…and received no response from either. He also told me that he was disturbed enough that he was leaving for the border lands. Finally he gave them a sealed letter.

Ilmryn, the family & Mal’shyr left town and made camp in the foothills of the Toadsquat Mountains. No fire, cold rations, and poring over what they had claimed form the Kelemvorite church was the order of the day.

6 Barrels (4 filled with ash, 2 filled with bone dust)
7 Crates (2 with ceremonial Myrkulite items, 2 filled with books, 2 with fine Myrkulite temple decorations, and 1 with 40 scythes (of which 4 were magical), 2 skull-handled scoops, 12 Myrkulite signet rings, and 2 carved bone dagger hilts)
6 Tubes (1 giant painting of Myrkul, 1 painting of a castle, 2 paintings of a giant white skull with its mouth open, & 2 paintings of Myrkulite clerics (One of them being the cleric in the sarcophagus)
1 perfectly preserved body in a sarcophagus in Myrkulite clerical vestments & a ceremonial burial mask.
I told the family what Cor told me, as well as reading them the letter, which read: “If you fall or lose hope, seek out Undead Master Lentaurus in a place called “The Grove of <xxxxxx>, south of Mulhorand, but don’t seek him out unless it is absolutely necessary, for he will exact a terrible price.”

They set out along the northern edge of the Shaaran Toadsquat Mountains, following rumors of the Knights of the Undying Dragon.

Mal;shur Read a book called “ Restless Undeath” that is a study of undead, and it gave a ritual showing how to make mindless undead unconcerned with them. It takes 4 people 2 days, and you must kill an undead and bury yourself with it.

Thoralf found a few more pages of Awar’s journal on the body. It had a cyphered message listing another location of interest which read:

1st Clue

“Follow the golden path to the plains of gold, within the walls the grinning skull awaits to give a drink of the finest grave.” After reading that they talked it over and decided that it referred to the Golden Plains on the other side of the Firesteap Mountains, along the Golden Road, and, considering they have more info on that than the Knights of the Undying Dragon, they headed to the plains.


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